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For the next 48 hours, we’ve put together the Ultimate "Finish-The-Dang-Book" Bundle

at a massive discount of 97%, saving you $2,011….

We're giving you 10 Trainings for the PRICE of JUST ONE! That means you’re getting 9 trainings absolutely FREE. The Ultimate "Finish-The-Damn-Book" Bundle Includes:

✔️ Writing Routine Reset: Create your perfect “at home” writing routine so that you can consistently get 5,000 words down on paper, every single week, even if you’re struggling with discipline, distractions, and exhaustion. (VALUE $497)

✔️ The Organized Writer: Get organized, stay organized, and occasionally re-organize your writing so you can create a book that’s coherent, powerful, and life-changing for your reader. (VALUE $197)

✔️ Beta Reader Secrets: How to get helpful feedback on your writing without freaking out, feeling guilty, or being paralyzed by conflicting opinions. (VALUE $97)

✔️ Hiatus Comeback Hacks: Stay on target with your writing(even after you get distracted, drop the book, and come back feeling completely overwhelmed by the changes you want to make). (VALUE $97)

✔️ Writing Flow Instant Access: Set up your own “cone of silence” with firm, kind boundaries around your work so you can finally focus on your writing — even with everything else going on around you. (VALUE $197)

✔️ Become A Word Count Warrior: Discover a tried-and-true method for setting reasonable goals and actually getting shit done as a writer with your new go-to monthly, quarterly, and annual goal-setting routine! (VALUE $97)

✔️ Book DONE: Become a writer who publishes (sticking with ONE idea, committing to finishing a draft, and knowing what to do with ALL the other ideas) (VALUE $97)

✔️ The Writing Vortex: Lean how to find the TIME to write, even when you have other responsibilities or when you “don’t feel like it,” and finally follow through with actually writing. (VALUE $97)

✔️ How Talkers Write Books (Fast!): The STRATEGIC way to talk out your book when you're feeling stuck, unmotivated, and thinking that surely there's a better way to do this writing thing. (VALUE $197)

✔️ State of the Publishing Industry: Learn how independently published authors are quietly writing books, selling books, and making money NOW even with everything going on in the world. (VALUE $497)

You'll have lifetime access to these trainings to help you optimize your writing life and finally finish this book, and every other book you have, still simmering on the back burner.

This is a limited time offer, and after this Flash Sale is over, instead of this special offer of $59, the price will jump back to the regular value of $2,167.

Total value of $2,070 ... TODAY, 97% savings!



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